Rapper BFG Straap Shot And Killed in South Dallas (2024)


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A popular East Dallas rapper, BFG Straap, was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in South Dallas. He was 22 years old.

By Bryson "Boom" Paul

September 23, 2022

Rapper BFG Straap Shot And Killed in South Dallas (1)

DPD is seeking information on the shooting of two men in South Dallas on Thursday. One of them was rapper BFG Straap.Michael Förtsch on Unsplash



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Popular East Dallas rapper BFG Straap died of his wounds after being shot Thursday afternoon in South Dallas. He was 22 years old.

BFG Straap, born Antywon Dillard, and 26-year-old Cory Lucien were shot by unknown assailants between Casey Street and South Malcolm X Boulevard. Police were dispatched at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, according to The Dallas Morning News. Dillard died at the hospital. Lucien died at the scene.

BFG Straap, who was best known for his song "I'm Good," was born on Jan. 7, 2000, while his mother was incarcerated, according to his website bio, and grew up impoverished. Straapgravitated toward music as a teen following the death of a close friend and began his music career in 2016. He first earned recognition with the release of his 2019 song “Las Vegas,” later collaborating with fellow DFW rappers Trapboy Freddy, Lil CJ Kasino, SSG Splurge and BigXThaPlug.

DaBaby producer Jetsonmade guided him early in his career after hearing the young hip-hop artist's signature cadence and skill for lyricism.

InAugust, Straap released his album 11:11, which featured his last video, “Everyday 420."

Tributes for the late rap star have since flooded social media.

“Rip fam turnt da whole city up from start to finish,” said @moneyboybhris_ in the comments of the Instagram post that broke the news, belonging to blogger beezytvdigital.

“dam I was hoping that lil nig— made it. Ball out with Sweeney and Jay,” said @Dee_roney_ on the post.

One Instagram user commented, “Damn bro was talented fr. There has been too many rappers that we all listen in our generation getting killed by gun violence, being shot at like wtf this can’t go on for too long,” said another Instagram user in the comments of the same post.

A graphic video of the crime scene surfaced on social media immediately following the shooting, showing Lucien's body with multiple shot wounds.

After word of Straap’s passing reached the internet, Oak Cliff rapper and longtime BFG Straap rival Numbaa 7 shared a since-deleted Instagram Story that plays Miley Cyrus’s hit “Party in the USA.” The song is presumably a reference at BFG Straap’s Instagram username, @straapUSA2.

Numbaa 7 would follow that story with another one.

“Somebody bring me a bowl. I got the bottles, I got bottles coming,” he says looking into the phone camera lens. “Bring me a bowl. We smoking out the bowl. I promise everybody getting litty. Pull up on me, let’s get it. And find me an AirBnB plug, we poppin’ bottle all night. Y'all better not tell me to chill.”

No arrests have been made over Thursday’s shooting.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact Detective Kimberly Mayfield at 214-671-3646 or [emailprotected] and refer to case No. 172681-2022.

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Rapper BFG Straap Shot And Killed in South Dallas (2024)


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