No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (2024)

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No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (1)


Rating: 4 stars


The flavor was delicious, but I would make a few changes. Using the melted chocolate made the crust very hard and difficult to cut. Next time I would omit the oil, add the chocolate unmelted to the crumbs and process, then maybe add a small amount of melted butter to the crumb mixture to help it hold together, but the fact that it is cold may be enough to hold the crust together with the cocoa solids in the chocolate.

For the topping I did not use any liquor- I substituted just a little bit of orange juice, and it tasted very bright and fresh. I would not use a strawberry spread next time, as they can have an unappealing brownish-red color that looks unappetizing with the fresh berries. Next time I will puree some berries with a little sugar or stevia and make my own sauce to mix with the berry halves. I make one to go over cheesecake that is pureed berries, oj, and brandy boiled for just a few minutes and then cooled that would work perfect here.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (2)


Rating: 5 stars


What a delicious dessert! Perfect for this strawberry season. A few reviewers commented that it was too much whipped topping. I'm afraid you may have been confused by the amount of topping called for. It's listed as 2 cups, and that's 2 cups by volume, not weight. If you went by weight, you'd use 2 8-ounce containers of topping. Instead, you only need about a third of one container because that's all 2 cups by volume is. My crust was a little hard right out of the fridge, so I'd just recommend letting it sit for a few minutes before slicing. Otherwise, a delightfully easy and light dessert I'm so happy I shared with my family this Mother's Day weekend.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (3)


Rating: 1 stars


This looked easy enough, but if you follow this recipe exactly and use the 1/3 less fat cream cheese it will not turn out very good because the cream cheese is going to be too soft and will not get firm like the photo shows. I made this tonight and followed the directions exactly. It came out runny in the center and the crust was so hard you could not cut through it. Terrible. You can alter this recipe slightly by using regular Philadelphia cream cheese and regular cool whip. Also don't use the crust it says... Just crumble the wafers without adding semi sweet chocolates. Trust me the chocolates make the crust a solid hard mass impossible to cut through once it's set ( freezer )... Seriously this recipe must have been imagined because while the photo is great it's NOT the recipe as stated. The cream cheese must have been normal cream cheese in that photo and the base just chocolate wafer crumbs!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


Made this for company and everyone loved it. The reviews really helped! Here is an additional tip: Make the crust, add the filling and freeze it. Remove from freezer about 30 minutes before serving. Prepare the strawberries as usual, but instead of topping the pie with them, add strawberries to each individual slice as you are serving it. It is beautiful, delicious but this maintains the integrity of the pie for any leftovers, as the strawberries on the pie would make it quite mushy.

Rating: 4 stars


I've made this twice. The first time I bought an Oreo crust. The second time I made it for company and used gluten free Oreos (with the filling scraped out) made according to the recipe directions for the crust. Both times the pie was kind of a mess, but worse with the homemade crust. That said, it is delicious and looks beautiful before cut and goes together so quickly that is is worth the mess. I tried freezing the whole thing for 10 minutes before serving but that really does mess with the strawberries. Best eaten all at once.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (6)


Rating: 1 stars


I followed this recipe exactly as written, with the exception that i used store bought crust to save time. It was terrible. It was literally like eating cool whip spread into pie crust. In fact that's exactly what it was. Based on the reviews, I put it into the freezer to hold better, and it held the weight of the strawberry topping, but the filling was just so disappointing. I made it for a dinner party and I was totally embarrassed after the first bite. It did not go over we'll and I ended up throwing half of the pie away. The topping is the one exception. The strawberries and glaze were delicious. I will use this part of the recipe as a cake topper on a chocolate layer cake perhaps.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (7)


Rating: 5 stars


This was super easy to make and turned out great! I served it the same day I made it so cannot speak to the crumbly mess people saw the day after (it was devoured at a cookout). Ours held-up well the day of. I didn't have Chambord on hand so I substituted water for the chambord and used raspberry jam instead of strawberry to still have a little of the raspberry flavor. I found the cream cheese filling was substantial enough to hold up the berries and my filling was nice and smooth after folding in the whipped topping gently (took a few minutes to fold in smoothly, but it did work). Maybe try thawing the whipped topping in the fridge or using a different brand next time if yours didn't turn out. I have no complaints and will definitely be making this many, many more times!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (8)


Rating: 2 stars


Be prepared to eat this IMMEDIATELY b/c it turns to total MUSH. I bought lucious fresh organic berries, about 3/4 inch -- so sweet and juicy. The filling was tasty like a cheesecake. Used store-bought oreo crust. But boy did it collapse fast. After 2 hours, I froze it to keep it from total mush --- but then it was too frozen when serving. Would substitute another berry that doesn't break down as messily....

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (9)


Rating: 5 stars


This pie was absolutely delicious, and yes, worthy of a special occasion. It was delightful to pull it out of the freezer to dish up to my appreciative in-laws on a 100 degree day. That being said, here are a few comments. The crust was my favorite part! If you are tempted to cheat and use a store-bought one, resist! Those chocolate wafers with an entire bittersweet chocolate bar melted into it was so rich and divine. I'm a little afraid of cool-whip, but using whipping cream would of defeated the purpose of a lighter dessert, so I stayed with the recipe as written and it was very good. The strawberry mix on keep it special you really have to have the Chambourd. I balked at spending $20+ dollars on a bottle to use 1 T. for a recipe and was going to skip it, but I asked at my liquor store and they had a mini-bottle behind the counter that I bought for $4.00, and will be enough for me to make this several times. Make it as written for an outstanding summertime dessert!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


Super easy and very delicious! I skipped the Chambord and included blueberries along with strawberries. Also I used a store-bought Oreo cookie crust. It was a huge hit!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (11)


Rating: 5 stars


Great and quick dessert. Turned out better the second time I made it. Had some chill issues. It melts in fridge but strawberries freeze completely in freezer. This time I used raspberries instead and reserved the topping for just before serving. That way I could freeze the pie for a perfect slice!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (12)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe was delicious! I cheated and bought a pre-made chocolate crust which eliminated a lot of time and mess. I also didn't have any Grand Marnier and it was still delicious. Literally took minutes to make with the pre-made crust and had no leftovers! Made it for a Memorial Day picnic and added some blueberries on top with the strawberries. Definitely a keeper!!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (13)


Rating: 5 stars


My Brother made this last night.. It was fantastic... very light.. very good. Rating a recipe poorly b/c you didnt make it right should not count towards the overall rating.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (14)


Rating: 5 stars


I've been anxiously awaiting making this recipe since I got my May Cooking Light - and finally, strawberries are in peak season at the Farmer's Market (here in Philly)! This is totally delicious, and I'm not sure why folks had so much trouble with the recipe, although I note that the chocolate wafers are a KEY ingredient, and I'm thinking if you didn't find/use them, you shouldn't rate the recipe poorly. Yay strawberry season!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (15)


Rating: 4 stars


My husband made this on Mothers Day and it was a hit. The flavor was wonderful. The rich chocolate crust was especially delicious (find the chocolate wafers stocked with ice cream toppings). It was a bit difficult to get out of the dish, so next time we'll use more cooking spray. If you love strawberries and chocolate, I would recommend giving this a try.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (16)


Rating: 2 stars


I cheated and used a store bought crust. I'm sure it would have been better homemade. My biggest complain is that after one day in the fridge the pie turned really mushy and runny. Not at all pretty after a day. However I really enjoyed the flavor the raspberry liquor added to the berries. I could eat those by themselves.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a fantastic, fresh tasting, easy-to-make pie. Use the best chocolate you can for the crust, as you can really taste the chocolate. I topped off the pie with additional fresh strawberries marinated in a little sugar and their own juices. Will make again and again.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (18)


Rating: 1 stars


A crumbly mess. The crust is not substantial enough to support the filling. And the filing isn't substantial enough to support the strawberries. Also, the cream cheese does not beat smooth without the addition of some sort of liquid. The filling ends up being whipped topping with lumps of cream cheese in it. I was making this to bring to a dinner party but the presentation was so poor, I tossed it. This was a waste of ingredients.

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (19)


Rating: 4 stars


This was really tasty. I was able to find the chocolate wafers. The crust didn't loosen easily from the pie plate. I found it came out better if you let it sit a few minutes after removing it from the fridge before trying to serve it. It is tasty no matter what!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (20)


Rating: 3 stars


This is pretty tasty. The crust, while chocolately, did not turn out like I thought. I could not find the chocolate wafers either so I bought creme filled cookies and removed the filling. I counted 25 halves but the crust came out really wet and I couldn't get it to stick to the side of the pie plate. Also, even though I sprayed with Pam, the crust was super hard to get out of the dish breaking into a lot of pieces. I almost went with the chocolate graham crackers but they are almost $5 a box and I was trying to do this cheap. The filling and strawberries were amazing! So delish! I think with some tweaks to the crust (or even a store bought one) this could be a truly great dessert!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


Oh WOW is this ever good! The crust is a little bit labor-intensive, so while I was making it, I was really hoping it was worth it. IT IS! Don't skimp and get an Oreo crust! I could not find the Nabisco chocolate wafers (checked three stores), so I picked up chocolate graham crackers instead. They worked beautifully, I used 1 rounded cup. I also sliced the strawberries instead of halving, as I had some big ones. This was simply amazing, and my husband and 3 sons all begged me to make it again and again. DELICIOUS!

No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe (2024)


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